2022 will mark the 40th anniversary of the Circuit. In order to offer high quality running events to serious runners as well as to beginners, both competition and participation are rewarded at the annual Awards Evening in November. Each year, runners have shown their appreciation by registering in all events organized by the different race directors under the jurisdiction of Circuit.

The 5 Km ENDURANCE is organized by all the Circuit race directors. The 5 Km ENDURANCE is the sole funding provider for the Circuit’s Awards Evening in November. The Awards Evening rewards the ENDURANCE CHAMPION and VICE CHAMPIONS in each of ten (10) Male and Female Groups. All our faithful runners who complete 6 or more events will receive a Meritas trophy, a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal or a Bronze Medal.

Over the years, the Circuit has standardized its pamphlets, registration forms and age groups. Since 1995, results are computerized and are posted on race day and on our website here.

Our Sponsors can count on being seen on at least 25,000 pamphlets. The Circuit is recognized throughout Quebec for its high quality courses and its well managed running events. It is also recognized as an efficient organization.

All this is a result of the excellent support of over 1,000 devoted volunteers without whom running events would not be possible.